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Find your true both..

Wanderlust, the insatiable desire to travel and see new places, has become a huge part of my life in the past few years... It seems like this winter every couple weeks I was on a plane. And the best part about going all of these places is making connections and friends all over the world.

I am so happy to announce that I will now be an associate to Wanderlust Vermont!! Every year I have made new life long friends that I stay connected too and bring me to many different corners of the country. This festival has connected me with so many great friends and teachers and is always an incredible experience to recharge and delve into nature. I am so excited to share this festival with others.

Wanderlust Stratton Vermont is June 19-21st and Wanderlust West Virginia is June 5-7. Both about the same difference from South Jersey. Both sure to be a blast.

If anybody is interested in attending please contact me so that I can get you discounted tickets! I also can help you with your schedule accommodations and connecting you with others from our area attending. I highly recommend it!

Can't wait for this years festival !! And so happy to be representing a company so focused on health fun and discovery.

Pack your bags and find your true North :-)


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Berry good smoothie

sunny 60 °F

I am by no means a fantastic vegan chef or anything of that nature. But I do feel the desire to share some of my favorite breakfasts that keep me going through long days of yoga and work!

This nutritious high protien smoothie has been my breakfast most mornings in the past couple weeks.

Half a cup of organic frozen blueberries.
Half a cup of organic frozen raspberries.
Three large strawberries.
One cup of raw organic spinach.
1 tablespoon of organic Chia seeds.
One scoop of raw hempseed protein or for a sweeter add one scoop of Vanilla Sun Warrior protien.
Half a packet of powdered wheat grass.
Half a cup of unsweetened almond milk
Half a cup of water.

Blend all ingredients in Nutribullet.

Enjoy :).

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Wishy Washy

The Art of Being an Eternal Student


A friend said to me yesterday that I change my mind a lot. She said "last year you were going vegan and you said it was best not to eat meat and this year you claim that eating white meat and fish is best for your Ayurvedic body type, last year you like this now you don't, before you thought this was the best type of yoga and now you like this, before you wouldn't get a tattoo because your body is a temple and now you have one because you claim your unattached to your meet carcass.... So what's the fucking deal? "
I can see how this may look flaky to some; my ability to openly change my mind and opinions. But I promised my friend that in the moment I said any of those things I meant it 100% and it was the smartest advice I could give based on my knowledge at the time. What this showed me about myself was that my mind is always changing, and to me that is something to be proud of. It shows that I am open and constantly learning and as my consciousness expands my opinions and thoughts differ and grow as well.
I'm sorry if that sometimes it's hard to keep up but what I can promise you is that I am always standing behind what I believe authentically 100% in every moment right now.
The art of being an Eternal student.
So tonight in class we explored that in yoga class, I got to have the pleasure of having Amy in my class, who has been teaching for longer than I've been alive and fully embodies the art of the eternal student. We explored being open to what our body had to offer is that evening and respecting the impermanence of our body, and practice.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense."
mevlana jelaluddin rumi - 13th century's


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New friends, old friends, good times and slack lines.

sunny 60 °F

Chicago is becoming one of my favorite cities to visit. I'm grateful for the community of yogis and I have met out there that keeps bringing me back.
I met my good friend Derrick At the first wanderlust festival I attended in Vermont. We share allot of the same interests such as yoga, food,and travel and have been rendezvousing all over the US since. He's connected me to moksha yoga studio some of the amazing people who work there and Stonehouse farm. When he called me with a last-minute opportunity to head to Chicago this week I went as soon as I was done my work week. Nothing like a last minute get away! On this short trip I continued to meet many new friends as well as reconnecting with old friends such as Little Fox!

My original flight for 6 AM Friday was canceled which just meant that I was able to gallivanting around Philadelphia with my good old friend Caitlin. We ran up the famous stairs from a Rocky at the art museum. We ate vegan cheesesteaks and I caught a nice yoga class before heading to the airport. I was happy that this cancellation forced me to spend some time in such an awesome city that is so close to me and I don't take advantage of enough.

Friday night I flew out to Illinois . Chicago is always full of fun things to do and different experience. Upon my late arrival we went to a spa that has about 12 different healing caves. The caves were made up of different crystals and outside it would explain their healing properties. There was a charcoal cave, a gold cave, and amethyst cave, one was very very hot similar to a sweat lodge, and one was an icebox to cool you down. The spa is open 24 hours, you were able to sleep there,there is a restaurant as well as steam showers, massage, waterfalls, and hot tubs. What a place! After leaving there feeling very relaxed we headed to a cool Chicago lounge.
The next day I took a wonderful grounding yoga class at Moksha, and went to a Chicago slack liners meet up in a park. I've never seen so many lines or such talent on a slack line. These guys were 12 feet up in the air on high linesand jumping around on a little wine like it was a trampoline I was blown away. We stayed there and played, I worked on my one hand handstand and turning around on the slack line and once we had experienced some firsts, and some breakthroughs we decided we deserve some very large margaritas.

The evening brought me to a studio called yoga now that has any event on Saturday nights to give a sober option called CHI KA GO.
CHI is the LifeForce, the Ki (Key), Mana, or dynamic vital energy which pervades all oflife. The KA is the Spirit-Soul, our gathering of that CHI force into the uniqueness of our own being. And GO, the Oriental Game of Strategies, expresses the choices we make to share that uniqueness with the community.
The CHI KA GO event was a mixture of a sober dance party and open mic with poetry and song. We danced we yogaed, I practiced my hooping and there were various healers in the back giving treatments.
My last day in Chicago we biked around Lincoln Park and went to the infamous Chicago vegan diner. 'Meat free since 83'. I connected with some old friends and then attended the coolest farm to table dinner.
It really focused on the connection of mind and body and the courses were sectioned off by senses. Each of the 7 courses stimulating a certain body part and sense including a special drink, stretch, and scented herb before the food. Overall a wonderful weekend in Chicago experience as always.

Beginning to feel like I leave a piece of my heart in this sensational city. Until next time CHI KA GO .


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The Green Mountain State


sunny 40 °F

Well, I went from one extreme, hot jungles and beaches, to the next, snow everywhere.
I love vermont.
The ride up to Killington flew by with good conversation with open hearted Kristel and her spunky black lab pup Jersey.
When we arrived at 'The Good Commons' the beautiful location for our retreat we were greeted by owner Tesha and her baby and she gave us the history of the house that is now 180 years old. It has only had three owners and the big front room that is now a beautiful heated yoga room, used to be the town General store owned by a man in town who's presence may still have been felt in the house this weekend. Not to be weird and kooky but I'll leave it at, the house had incredible energy. The entire area does. And it's no wonder when you realize there's giant rocks with amethyst and healing crystals in it. The house is all run on solar energy and can hold about 30 people comfortably.
I would totally reccomend the good commons to anyone looking to stay near Killington especially a big group or yoga retreat.
We had our own in house masseuse and chef with amazing dinners such as coconut curry with chicken, spinach salad, chic pea salad and avocado chocolate mousse.
Days began with yoga, consisted of awesome snowboarding and long trails, followed by a beer at the long trail and then back to the house for evening activities. We toured brewery's, hung in the lodges by the fire drinking 'broken legs', did hikes, intention settling, art journaling and lots of stretching and creating SPACE.
Allie set making space intention of the weekend.
I've realized I feel very spacious right now.
I create space when I let go of what is taking up space that doesn't serve me.
When I create space there is room for more goodness go flow in. And that's what's happening.
So many new connections and opportunitys.
The last night Mia and I led the most beautifulllll Mala and Mantra workshop. Mia led us through meditation and I made a beautiful Mala with her beads and then I showed everyone how to use them by chanting 108 mantras by candle light. It was a powerful experience and I felt so privileged to be able to lead it!! I'm always the one being the student at these things, listening to other people's travels and being open to them sharing their experience. It was really cool for me to be giving girls travel advice, answering questions, teaching a new skill I learned there, and then leading a spirit ceremony like that. Talk about spiritual sunday!?! BOOM.
It felt so good to guide people into things they've never done before, whether it be a meta meditation, japa mala, or front bird ! :)

Kristel made an awesome snowboarding partner and we bombed down the mountain together even if it meant facing double blacks. We had beautiful weather and conditions. We played in Killingtons awesome all natural terrain park where all the jumps and rails are made from trees and wood. I loved picos winding tree trails as well.
I am so happy to know Kristel and for her inviting me up here and experiencing two new mountains and 12 new friends!

Everything here is so fresh, the air, the food, and so connected to nature. Has me feeling like I could move to Vermont and do a winter being a ski bum. Great to get up here again.


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