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Loosing track of time..

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Well they took my yoga Matt off my backpack when I checked it and asked me to carry it on. So yoga sessions had to be held at all airports.
The flight from Newark to Tokyo was long but I really didn't mind it to much. It just was confusing as I left at 10 am and then arrived in Tokyo 15 hours later at 3 pm. The screen in front of me would say time from departure location (newark) and time in arrival location (Japan) and show our little plane flying in between and I kept thinking but what time is it realllly ? is it breakfast? Dinner? Does it matter? What is time? Time, age, all just numbers we use to let our minds label and think we have control . Maybe I just was stuck in that damn seat for too long haha ?

When I got off the plane was 2 am at home but 4 pm here. I contemplated grabbing a Japanese beer to aid my sleep to Singapore. But when I asked myself if I really needed it I thought it will probably be over priced and I won't even like it and decided to Goto the oxygen bar instead. I can always get overpriced Tokyo beers on the way back, sneaky Japanese. If you didn't catch the South Park reference, I'm just kidding, everyone here is super friendly and nice and hello kitty is everywhere as I roam around the airport.
The oxygen bar has what they claim to be the purest air infused with Ayurvedic treatment flavors of your choice to revive you after breathing airplane air for 15 hours. Ten minutes comes with three flavors, tea, water and a reclining chair just for 8$ .
Better choice than the beer.
Met two others on the way to
Singapore who will also be in bali. This month. Gave in to having a beer with them. Got checked another 100 times before getting onto the jet star plane. Flew through some epic clouds and views, felt like I was entering another world. And landed. In bali.
I'm here safe yall ?❤️






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Bags are packed and I'm ready to go.

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May I just take a moment to state something obvious?

I just love yoga.
I love the places it brings me too and the people it brings too me.
I am enjoying so much my short in between time at home. In my little studio at the zen den I've sharing laughs and growth with a team of great yogis. Got lots of love and positive feed back from my one class.
And I am just being surrounded by love and support.
Its days like these, that make me feel that love, that reassure me that this is what my heart and soul beats for. I just love yoga. I can't wait for this training and to continue to be a student and learn so much more over the next few weeks.
Many friends from the states have connected me with future friends in bali.
I have had an enormous amount of support and love in the past week from friends and family. Some things fell out of the sky to help make this trip happen, and then something would go wrong, and then somewhere it would be made up for like a miracle. I don't know if that makes any sense but basically what I'm saying is what Ya loose on the Ferris wheel Ya pick up on the merry go round.
I know I'm not going away forever, or really that long at all, but it is the furthest I've gone from home by myself and I am excited.
After rockin a clancys karaoke night with the girls, a relaxing day with my best friend Ashley, last day of work at lucky kids, and one more class at zen den, Brittany and Lindsey came over to send me off with advice and love and help with last minute packing.
Feeling so much gratitude.

Oh and Ashley has pointed out that it's great Im trying to learn the local language, but probably making the first word I learn TAKSU - life force, spirit, God force. Wasnt too practical . So because I arrive in bali at 625 am on Sunday today's word will be SELAMAT PAGI - good morning :)

But for now SELAMAT MALAM - goodnight :) .



Leaving Lindsey

Airplane essentials

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Goodbye Florida

Love can be found anywhere, and with anyone, you just have to choose to see it.

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I've come to love Florida more than I ever thought I would.
I used to think florida was "flat" in every sense of the word. Boring, no waves, no mountains, Flat was Florida 'word'. I was spoiled by lots of time in San Diego and told my parents I would never move to the sunshine state.

But I think, that if you spend enough time in any place or with any person, with an open mind and heart, you can grow to love them.
My dear and wise friend Sydney shared with me this experiment a few days ago, that if you ask almost anyone, this series of 36 questions and look them in the eye for a few minutes, you will begin to feel love for them. Even a stranger.
Similarly, once I put my guard down about a certain place, or person, I am able to love and feel comfortable.
It's all about what we choose to see.
It's about choosing love over the ego.
These questions in the experiment get so deep that you must let your guard down and speak from the heart rather than ego if you're being honest. It helps to show you the other person,raw, unguarded, with an open heart, which stimulates love.
My ego would say florida is lacking mountains and it's boring, filled with old people and it gets too hot. California is much more progressive, has great waves, mild temps and mountains.

But my heart can now see the laid back, warm, friendly, energy of Florida. Me and Derrick had no problem finding progressive cool places whilst cruising down 95 to Hozier with the sun beating down on us. They do get waves and the water is always warm enough to not own a wet suit. You can find positivity and great people, anywhere you go. I may not know where I will end up permanently, but because of friends and family I've been drawn to Florida quite a bit the past year and a half, and I love it.
It's all about being present where I am, and choosing to see the love.

Now I head back to Jersey where I will choose to see the love of being back at my gym and studio, having my own room and seeing firmilar faces before I leave again! I even ended up sitting right next to two family friends on the plane home Mr. And Mrs. Mooney!

Feeling grateful for my travel buddy Derrick ?, everyone who welcomed us, reconnecting with old friends, the warm weather and waves serving as a warm up for bali! I am grateful for being able to choose love. I am grateful for being privileged enough to live this life and travel. As Hozier says ' I'm so full of love I can barely eat.'
(Which might not be a bad thing after last week ?)

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Delray and DeerField Beach

(and running back to Miami, and running back to Delray) a collection of firsts !

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"There's nothing like returning to a place unchanged and realizing it is you yourself that has changed."

Although I had been to Delray and Deerfield before in 2013, there is always something new to experience especially when with new people.
It's easy for me to go on autopilot and go places I have been to and feel comfortable navigating, but to try new places and things is to grow. It's easy to get stuck in our patterns, trying new things and going to new places scares our ego, which is why it's important to do so. The ego may scare you into never doing something you've always wanted because you're too scared to try. My dad has always told me a famous quote by Wayne Getzsky "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take." This can be applied in your yoga practice or anywhere in life, traveling to a new city, or finding new adventure in one you have already seen.

So in a traveling sense Miami was a new location to me , these two next towns wouldn't be , but that didn't mean it couldn't be a new experience. Even at home in the same place, there's something new to see and learn every day.

So when we got into delray, Aunt Mindy met us for a Santana cover band concert. The night began with reunion tequila shots and ended with excellent pizza and sublime music. So great to reunite with old family and introduce new friends. ❤️
Delray is super cool and happening. The word for it might be, festivity or 'The Avenue'. Every week there is some kind of event going on. Seafood and wine festival, art festival, garlic festival. Always live music, always poppin clubs and bars, and lots of fancy food. The avenue itself is even a little too much for my liking.
So we found our favorite street in Delray - Swinton Avenue; a cross street by the avenue with The Sunday House and Shaffers Tea House on it.
Shaffers tea house is a rad cluster of all wooden little buildings and outside seating. Awesome live music, Henna tatoos, and the purest homemade healthy teas and treats is what you can expect here on a Friday night. Great vibe and staff.
The Sunday house is one block down, is a beautiful botanical garden and fancy restaurant and bar with random private seating throughout the gorgeous gardens . We walked through and found out that it also is a hotel. It even has an all natural pool with a water filtering system that doesn't use chemicals, a big green grass area, and bananas and other exotic plants and fruits growing randomly throughout the place. It is breath taking.
So we decided although it is not in our budget, we must experience this place at some point, perhaps with false identities.

When Delray became a bit much we headed to Deerfield but first ran back down to Miami to take some yoga at Kino MacGregor's studio. I was surprised at how small and humble it was. She and another teacher we wanted to see were absent but we took a great ashtanga class and it was cool just to be there . The guy who taught the class got both of my hands to bind to my feet behind my back in a lotus forward fold. This is something I've always wanted to do! And another first! And one day I will be able to sitting up and on my own after enough hip and shoulder work haha :). It always feels good to accomplish something new and different.
In fact Miami even seemed a new experience the second time around. I had only been there less than a week earlier, but that trip was about seeing the city beaching and partying. This short visit was about yoga and driving around coral gables to see the Banyan Trees. These trees are the national tree of the republic of India but can also be found in Florida. They are epiphytes (a plant growing on another plant) when its seeds germinate in the cracks and crevices on a host tree. So they end up looking like one crazy big connected tree with a bunch of roots. They're quite interesting and very pretty and it was my first time climbing on one !

It didn't even feel like I was in Miami. We also found a small street art fair and ate a very reasonable lunch at 100 Montaditos. Which is a cafe that sells small Spanish sandwiches and on certain days offers specials where select sandwiches are 1$ or 1.50$ . We happened to be there that day! Which also included 1$ sangria.
And so I could have not driven back to Miami because I had already been there, but that Sunday afternoon gave me a completely different view of the city it was cheap, healthy, fun and filled with beautiful nature.

That evening we arrived in Deerfield to stay with Mindy in her awesome little complex, the sandy pebble. Super chill people, super chill town. Got to bum on her couch for a few days and reconnect with Mindys neighbor Rasta who happens to live with a friend of mine Katie from high school. We rented paddle boards, did some yoga, ate some ice cream and enjoyed simple slow placed days and long walks on the beach. Deerfield is so chill with a stoner surfer vibe, and they have a great location. Everything I needed in walking distance from jazz music and side walk dance parties to uptown funk, and rockin reggae music a block down. I found myself thinking this is quite a nice set up they have down here... Our last day there we were blessed with some nice little waves. I didn't even plan on surfing, we had rented paddle boards and I was out at the end of the peir doing SUP yoga with Katie, and decided I would try riding in a wave. I've never surfed on a stand up before so I thinking Id wipe out. I successfully rode in several nice long lefts, making turns and digging my paddle in the water. It felt exhilarating and I kept thinking I wish my dad was here to see this. Another first experience. I also did forearm stand on a paddle board and handstand for the first time, even if I fell on my board a few times. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take .

After surfing, Derrick and I journeyed back to the ever so fancy 'Sunday House' in Delray. (On a Tuesday) . After I made Derrick put up his long hippie hair and leave the guitar in the car, I put on some make up and we walked in pretending to be guests of the hotel. We successfully sauntered right past the from desk and swam around in the pool with live fishies and moss everywhere. Once again beautiful, is an understatement. Used the cold outside shower like the squatters we are and stayed for an epic dinner. It was awesome, and we totally pulled it off, even though Mindy said we wouldn't... Again you gotta take the chance :)
My last day and evening couldn't have been more perfect. The scenery and food was fantastic, and took the place of the fancy over priced meal in Miami, that we'd be making up for with PB and apples ever since. ;) (It may seem like I'm being wined and dined and am a total brat, but those meals are complimented with nice healthy cheap meals for traveling like fruit, pb, cereal ect. Keeping costs lower.)

So all in all, Even in places I had visited before, I experienced so many new great things :). Because I decided to take the chance.
So no matter where you are, take a minute to ask yourself if there's something you've been waiting to do. Why haven't you done it?
How can you look at somewhere you are all the time, with a new perspective?
And When was the last time you did something for the first time??





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First Blog Entry

"It feels good to be lost in the right direction."

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Well Hello Internet Humans.

I have always had the thought of starting a blog in the back of my mind. But thought that my travels weren’t ‘cool’ enough or my information wasn’t 'wise' enough. Today I have decided to start this not for others, but for me.
In the past two years I have traveled quite a bit.
North Carolina, Puerto Rico, The Poconos and Vermont numerous times to various mountains, Many towns in Florida, Chicago, helped out on a farm in IL and of course many nights spent in the cities of Philadelphia and NYC, as any Jersey Girl experiences at the drop of a 10$ bus fare.
I drove up and back the coast of California twice. Starting from shooting guns in the highest point in Mexico and getting stopped by border patrol, through San Diego which now feels like a home away from home, visited LA, Rolled around the rose gardens in the Santa Barbara Mission, Hiked through Big Sur, Muir Woods, San Francisco, and worked on a farm all the way up in Point Arena.

And I’ve collected many friends all along the way.
travelerspoint map 2013-2014

travelerspoint map 2013-2014

I made this map on Travelerspoint of my 2013-2014 adventures. To many, this may seem like amateur traveling, but for me it has been a blast. So I’ve decided that I do deserve a travel blog damn it! And Although I always keep travel journals and post on Instagram and Bookface. This blog will be a special way for me to look back on it all.

If anyone is reading this, I hope you enjoy it, but please do not judge or expect it to be as interesting as half the blogs on here. Mostly it will include my quirky ramblings and be extremely grammatically incorrect as I am much more of a speaker than a writer and probably never handed in a college paper without Nellie, Ashley or Kasey proof reading it . My intentions for this blog are to keep it for me to look back on and for my family to read while I am abroad if they wish.

For the next week I will be in New Jersey I will try to blog every few days and probably talk about teaching yoga and how cold it is here. In 6 days will start my expedition to Florida beginning with my family and then traveling around the sunshine state with a friend. Then Traveling to Bali for an Acro Yoga Teacher Training. If you told me any of this three years ago I would laugh in your face. If you told me a year ago about my plans for this spring 2015 my eyes would sparkle with happiness. So while most of my friends will be graduating from college or grad school this spring, I will be backpacking and surfing around Florida and Indonesia with no real plan. Many people from my town may say I need bit more direction. That I am lost and not quite living life correctly. That I need to finish school, find a job that supports me, get married, have children and be the President of some company by 30. But I believe life does not have to be this timeline of milestones, life is about enjoying it. I believe in taking my time, in finding out what really inspires me instead of rushing into a certain career, and that I can always backtrack. Maybe taking an AcroYoga training is a frivolous plan, but it is what the universe manifested for me this year. I may be lost, that is for sure, but I am very certain that I am traveling the right path for me and I am happy a good amount of the time.

I am not yet sure how private or public I will keep this blog. In fact I am feeling a bit lost with the entire blog thing. But I am happy to be starting it.

As my favorite Quote says; It feels good to be lost in the right direction.

(can you add emojis on this blog?? **Insert three sparkle emoji here**)

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