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The Green Mountain State


sunny 40 °F

Well, I went from one extreme, hot jungles and beaches, to the next, snow everywhere.
I love vermont.
The ride up to Killington flew by with good conversation with open hearted Kristel and her spunky black lab pup Jersey.
When we arrived at 'The Good Commons' the beautiful location for our retreat we were greeted by owner Tesha and her baby and she gave us the history of the house that is now 180 years old. It has only had three owners and the big front room that is now a beautiful heated yoga room, used to be the town General store owned by a man in town who's presence may still have been felt in the house this weekend. Not to be weird and kooky but I'll leave it at, the house had incredible energy. The entire area does. And it's no wonder when you realize there's giant rocks with amethyst and healing crystals in it. The house is all run on solar energy and can hold about 30 people comfortably.
I would totally reccomend the good commons to anyone looking to stay near Killington especially a big group or yoga retreat.
We had our own in house masseuse and chef with amazing dinners such as coconut curry with chicken, spinach salad, chic pea salad and avocado chocolate mousse.
Days began with yoga, consisted of awesome snowboarding and long trails, followed by a beer at the long trail and then back to the house for evening activities. We toured brewery's, hung in the lodges by the fire drinking 'broken legs', did hikes, intention settling, art journaling and lots of stretching and creating SPACE.
Allie set making space intention of the weekend.
I've realized I feel very spacious right now.
I create space when I let go of what is taking up space that doesn't serve me.
When I create space there is room for more goodness go flow in. And that's what's happening.
So many new connections and opportunitys.
The last night Mia and I led the most beautifulllll Mala and Mantra workshop. Mia led us through meditation and I made a beautiful Mala with her beads and then I showed everyone how to use them by chanting 108 mantras by candle light. It was a powerful experience and I felt so privileged to be able to lead it!! I'm always the one being the student at these things, listening to other people's travels and being open to them sharing their experience. It was really cool for me to be giving girls travel advice, answering questions, teaching a new skill I learned there, and then leading a spirit ceremony like that. Talk about spiritual sunday!?! BOOM.
It felt so good to guide people into things they've never done before, whether it be a meta meditation, japa mala, or front bird ! :)

Kristel made an awesome snowboarding partner and we bombed down the mountain together even if it meant facing double blacks. We had beautiful weather and conditions. We played in Killingtons awesome all natural terrain park where all the jumps and rails are made from trees and wood. I loved picos winding tree trails as well.
I am so happy to know Kristel and for her inviting me up here and experiencing two new mountains and 12 new friends!

Everything here is so fresh, the air, the food, and so connected to nature. Has me feeling like I could move to Vermont and do a winter being a ski bum. Great to get up here again.


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ACROVINYASA ️TT The Last of Days

A smile is the same in every language.

sunny 75 °F

As the days went on in teacher training the physical and mental demand escalated.

While learning to teach some pretty cool Acro transitions such as half barrel roll, we also had practice teaches and observations.
We were broken up into groups based on home location and my group was all New Jersey friends and one goddess originally from Connecticut and now gone New Yorker. We were originally named the 'Big Apple Wanna Bes', thanks Honza. We grew as teachers together, learned from one another, and fell in love together and decided the name 'Tri State Terrors' was more appropriate for our bad ass group.
Such a privledge to learn from Laura and Her sweet husband Eddie (aka Acro Eddie) , encounter my soul sister Anna who works for wanderlust, to practice teach with John and bond with my Roomie Courtney. Who would have thought I'd travel across the world only to room with another girl from New Jersey!? We may change the garden state into the Acro state from now on.

Honza being the knowledgable perfectionist that he is would give us great advice on our teaching. We worked on filler words, presence, and really refinning our teaching. And I kept thinking how lucky am I to be learning from him. One of the co owners of Wanderlust Australisaia , founder of YogaBeyond and AcroVinyasa and he thinks I'm a great teacher!?! It really was the inspiration and boost I've been needing.

So many laughs in this lovely group of ours in the afternoons and of course night session meet ups and 'Cuddle Puddles' with our other fabulous groups such as the dirty down unders , or incredible intercontinentals. It was amazing to see two local indonesian teachers, two girls from Sweden, one from France, an amazing couple from Brazil and they all learned just as we did. Translating the whole course in their head to English. Every once and a while there may have been a misunderstanding or lost word, but the warmth of their smiles would smooth it over. Because little words are not important, but it's where these words are coming from. The feeling, intention and meaning behind those words. In fact often we connected by eye gazing techniques with no words at all, and through this you can say so much without saying any words at all. Throughout the week the eye gazing got harder as much more eyes were filled with tears. We shared lots of hugs and day by day as we shed layers and layers of ego, and stories of who we are, we could really see each other, more and more. And like it's said, no matter what the words or nationality A Smile is the same in every language.

The last day we spent Acro jamming at white sand beach and then had a big night out full of kareoke, awesome dance parties , and pool parties. So now we all finish together! We all made it! I am graduating with an excellent practice teach and a 90 percent on my test. And I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement! Feeling so honored to be one of the very first ACROVINYASA teachers in the whole world! Thank you everyone who made this possible for me. Thank you Claudine and Honza for such an amazing opportunity and experience .

From earth to air ;)
-Rachael xo

Little dirty dancing action.

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Basing, trusting, connecting.

storm 81 °F

I could say with confidence that Honza and Claudine's ACROVINYASA teacher training is probably one of the most fun and loving yoga trainings I will ever be a part of.

While one teacher is guiding us through an amazing Thai Massage workshop for some post Inversion Training relief, the other teacher is setting up Arak Coconuts and Organic Desserts in their own Villa to host us for a candle lit pow wow.
We've all shared eye grazing, trusting basing and flying each other and truly created an amazing community here in just a few short days. It's amazing what an open, non judgmental, nurturing space can be created when negativity, and walls, and ego are left at the door.

I've realized through this acro yoga practice that it shows you allot about yourself in the same way that yoga does. I've always been a comfortable
flyer, in fact being here and learning the safe way to teach all of this makes me realize how fearless I was practicing with John just going up on Shin to foot Camel with no spot. I've never been afraid to fall. In back bending in handstanding. I just go for it. But it is when others are at risk, that I feel uncomfortable. I've always been too afraid to base because I didn't trust myself, I was scared to hurt someone. Throughout my time here I've become such a confident base even with all of the big guys in our group. It makes sense for me to base as strong of a girl I am, and I now feel confident that I am able to base and teach this sequence. It feels so empowering and is a physical skill but also feels like such emotional growth. I've gone from only ever basing girls like Linny and Lindsey and maybe some guys in just bird and back bird to being able to base men in allot of this sequence who weigh anywhere from 150-200 lbs.

Things have been getting more intense as we continue on in the training. We practice from 7-830 vinyasa. Have an hour break for breakfast, then morning session from 930 till about 1 , break for lunch, then 3-6 afternoon session, dinner, then 730-930 evening session.
What's funny is that even during our lunch break we end up still doing Acro in the pool. Honza said one day "There is so much to be learned from navigating a group of adults into playing like children." And that's truly what it is, we're all excited like children playing around and just can't stop and it's so awesome to see this young, playful, creative spark, in full grown adults.
We are constantly encouraged to take care of our bodies with massage and I did get one Lomi Lomi intense massage on a day my body was feeling particularly sore . I mean how can you not when massages here are 1/4 the price it is back home and you're basing all day lifting people on your legs? I deserve it right? Right.

Our nights are usually debriefing and one night we did have a conversation about social media, which makes sense as it is the reason half of us are here. Honza and Claudine shared any tricks of the trade they had for us. They explained their stance on social media yoga and how they use it . They encourage us to use these screens to bring us all closer together rather than further apart. And look at the what they have created through it, 32 of us from all over the world have gathered here together to share this experience and many of us wouldn't be here if it wasn't for instagram.

Of course they have been generously sharing with us all of their knowledge of acro yoga. They aslso so openly let us see into the beautiful life they share together. Through a physically morning yin class they put us through an emotionally stimulating roller coaster by sharing with us their absolutely epic love story that turned into this fun life they now share traveling and inspiring others to follow their bliss.They compliment one another just perfectly. Claudine is such a role model to me. So free, so young, so happy,easy going, creative, healthy and strong.
Honza is so respectable grounded, nurturing, deep, and giving. Truly the perfect base . If one day I could even have a love that is 1/4 of what theirs is I would be ecstatic. They make me believe that love is really possible.

Trying to just soaking up every ounce of their vast knowledge and pure loving energy. And can't believe how fast it is going already!!

How Acro yogis fix rain leaks.

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You are always exactly where you are meant to be. ✨

When I was searching for where this winter would lead me in terms of new travel and education, I was clearly guided to Bali for ACROVINYASA Level 1 teacher training. Between cheap flights, to good timing, to the experience I was in need of and location meeting the activities I was looking for, it just laid out in front of me. I've been trying to flow with the universe rather than fight it and so I signed up and booked a flight. But up untill the day I got to Padang Bai I was a bit unsure about this whole acro yoga thing.

I love acro yoga, it's fun and I had taken a few workshops and learned from friends here and there. But I was always just a stand in flyer for John, Little Fox, Shannan, whomever I met long the way, to throw me up in the air. I kept wondering why me? How am I going to teach this practice? And why do I get the privilege of learning from two of the best acro yogis I know of in the world?
I assumed everyone who would be at the training would be incredible yogis with a strong passion for AcroYoga just like my friend John from Upper Township who encouraged me to follow this through. John lives for acro and meanwhile for me, I really enjoy the practice of yoga more, and acro is fun to compliment it with. I kept wondering why ACROVINYASA and not ashtanga or something I practice more often?
I wondered this untill the moment I arrived at Bloo Lagoon Resort.
Side note; The place we are staying is made up of a group of 25 houses, a pool, restaurant and spa built on a hillside over looking the tourqiouse waters of the Lombok straight in padang bai east bali. The setting is a gift from nature and the houses are simple wooden structures and thatched roofs that maximize air flow and the connection to the out doors. It was all built without cutting into any land and reserves the nature make up of the land. The resort keeps an eco friendly philosophy of doing more with less and their slogan is 'Bloo is the New Green'. Basically it's fucking awesome. And I have my own bed with an ocean view, kitchen , and outdoor shower. It is very... Alive with wild life of all sorts. Snakes, giant black bumble bees that I've never seen, and there are no real enclosed ceilings in the villas so anything is fair game. I was told to keep my food all in the fridge and put any valuables away because nothing is safe from the monkeys. I amFeeling quite spoiled with my own kitchen and bed compared to the hostels I've been in ;). Breakfast is still included but rather than white toast and an egg, it's a buffet spread of exotic fruits museli, rice, noodles ect. I load up on green juices, omlettes and peanut butter after our 90 min morning vinyasa and meditation.

ANYWAY; Upon arrival we did the whole introduction thing like you would in any training, yet Honza and Claudine have fun games and ways of doing all this such as ninja attack, screaming toes, and also treated us to an authentic Balinese dance at our opening ceremony.
I was right about it, everyone is an incredible yogi, and everyone loves acro yoga. But in a different way than I thought, I am not even close to the least experienced, and being an incredible Yogi doesn't mean you have to be able to balance on your hands for three minutes.(although we have quite a few of those, I've been introduced to the world of handstand max outs YIKES) . Not everyone is 'instafamous' however there are some with a good following and it is still Surreal to me being taught by YogaBeyond and being in a training side by side with Laura Sakorya. Everyone is far nicer than I could ever imagine from their instagrams.

Honza had a good point explaining that his experiences of teacher trainings are lots of work, and then on the last day everyone usually gets together and has fun. On this last day you get to really talk and bond and make such great connections and then the next day boom it's over and you say goodbye.
So Honza and Claudine have been thoughtful enough to consider this and day 2 was a bit of a fun day, to ease us into things and allow us to make friendships. Which is probably a good thing to do before you trust someone throwing your body in the air with the probability that you make end up with your head near their crotch or feet in their face.
To start the day we had a morning session, an intro if you will to ACROVINYASA. Which gave me the answer I had been looking for of why I am here...

Is a practice designed by Honza and Claudine Lafond of YogaBeyond that encorporates Vinyasa Yoga, Breath, Inversion Training, and AcroYoga with L based flying.
Many times my experience of AcroYoga was either paying to learn front bird again, or going to a jam where I'm being thrown up in the air into acrobatic postures, that are awesome, but I'm not sure how safe or yogic it was.
This practice was the first time I was able to really see the parallel of yoga whilst flying or basing another person. Both types, Acro Yoga and ACROVINYASA are incredible practices depending on what you are looking for. But ACROVINYASA to me seems like the first acro yoga practice, I can see being placed into a studio as a safe class on a regular basis.
What they have created here is absolutely incredible and totally ahead of the frontier and I couldn't be more psyched to be a part of it. I didn't fully understand what I was walking into here and that I would be one of the very first ACROVINYASA certified instructors in the world. I now feel like I've found the acro yoga that I can connect with and feel comfortable teaching. And admire the creativity of Honza and Claudine so much to create this.

Walking away from that morning session smiling ear to ear I was feeling connected to this training.
We then visited the near by temple on a full moon of Virgo which allows for transformation and made offerings to the temple . Next we then headed down to the beach and did a bit of body surfing and acro play. You can imagine the look on the locals faces when about 34 white folk come down and start stacking bodies on feet. And you can imagine the look on my face when I am casually handstanding with Laura on the beach, whom was one of the very first Yoga instagram accounts I've ever followed. After the beach Honza and Claudine brought us to a local restaurant with cucumber water and watermelon juice waiting for us, which was later accompanied by beers and sangria. We had a big group dinner getting to know each other over enjoying cocktails, and taking underwater pool pictures in the salt water dive pool.
We ended the day with a nice pow wow at Honza and Claudine's Villa.
We've had many conversations about authenticity. Because in many yoga trainings there are rules about teacher and student relationships, about not having sex or eating meat. drinking maybe bed times. Honza and Claudine decided not to set these rules because it is not a part of who they are. Which is respectable because how unauthentic would it be to have us be celibate, sober, vegans, and then for them to Goto their villa and not necessarily live that life. They also know that many of us don't live here or near here and have traveled halfway around the world. So thoughtfully they are trying to allow us to get the best experience of Bali while we're here but still covering a whole lot of material. So we have allot of freedom, yet the group understands everything in moderation and respects that we will be going upside down every morning. We also always still have the power to make our own choices and make this whatever experience we would like to get out of it. Honza and Claudine are also always asking for feedback and are open to any suggestions and changes as this is their first training. At our night chat someone suggested that we share the best and worst part of our days in a circle. It was a great exercise seeing that most everybody's worst part was something so insignificant like dealing with some crazy bugs, or seeing a snake in paradise. When it came around to me I expressed that I felt like I finally got my answer to if I belong here. That morning discussion and finding out what ACROVINYASA is a speak ignited in me. I've realized what an opportunity I have to be at the forefront of something amazing and intend to take full advantage. I also said that I appreciated Honza and Claudine's originality. They've created a training that is different like any other, not only in the practice, but because of their originality.
They balance guru and friend perfectly and don't hide from us who they really are. Being able to share a beer with your students and have them feel comfortable confiding in you, yet maintaining authority and respect, is a crazy balance to maintain, and yet they do it beautifully. Balance seems to be their forte in just about everything and I know I can learn so much from these people. I realize why the universe led me here the whole time, and am happy I didn't question it. You are always where you are meant to be. ✨?

I am surrounded by magic and miracles. Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time. Feeling like I am just where I belong and no matter where you may be right now if you've actually read to the bottom of this, know that you are exactly where you should be as well. How do I know? Because you're there!

Namaste ?✨?


Our altar :)


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