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What is your birthday? Sunday.

The Bali section of Eat Pray Love, has me interested in what day of the year I was born. Liz's is constantly asking her friend Ketut the medicine man what his birthday is and he always responds with "Thursday."This is something I never considered. I always just knew the date and that was all I needed to make sure to have a party in honor of my self every July 18th celebrating the life of me haha!

I find that I was born on a Sunday.
What this means is ...
"Children of Sunday.
Ruled by the Sun.
You will shine like a sun. You will enjoy your life leisurely like a holiday (all Sundays are holidays). Your leadership ability is great and you have a great understanding of love and children. The Father likely plays a big role in your life. If well aspected expect great vitality and a healthy heart.
Positives: vigor, drive, vitality,individuality, willpower, self awareness, inspiration, creativity.
Negatives: Egotistic, pride, arrogance, domination, overbearingness. (Refer back to comment about July 18th just being a big party celebrating me.)

All of this seems pretty accurate to me.
As does all the information I've gathered about my sisters birthday. It is absolutely no coincidence that Carla is a Saturday.
Ruled by the sun also appeals to me as I prefer sunny enviroments, chasing the sun, and the well known lullaby 'You are my sunshine' was rather meaningful to my childhood.I received a wind up teddy who would play that song on my moms belly when I was in the womb. After birth I was born not breathing, was brought back to life and had to be air evacuated out of shore medical center, then had seizures and had to be kept in the hospital for a few weeks after birth. During that time I had teddy with me all the while, singing that song. And yes I still have teddy.

Birth stories, Brith days, months, years, stars,signs. All of this birth information and astrological tendencies have become a great interest to me lately. I got an astrology book for Christmas I hope to my find time for after Eat Pray Love, The Untethered Soul (which is our training required reading), and finishing the second half of Autobiography of a Yogi which has currently been on hold.
So many books so little time..

As I read the first sentence of the Bali section of Eat Pray Love, I can't help but laugh.
"I've never had any less of a plan in my life than I do arrival in Bali."
As Liz explains that she doesn't have friends in Bali or plan of where she shall go it makes me feel at ease for my own unplanned journey. I've always been quite the planner. Every day has a plan for me. So showing up in a different continent with no connections, plans, hotels, not even knowing what city I'll stay in the first night, is very good for me to do. Puts me outside my comfort zone.

Although I have been keeping to my conquest of learning one word of the native language a day. Lately I've been working on an
Indonesian meditation;
(From Liz's medicine man who tells her to just sit and smile,everywhere, smile in your liver. )

All human body's are made of the 5 elements of all creation:

Apa- water

Tejo- fire

Bayu- wind

Akasa- sky

Pritiwi- earth

All you have to do is concentrate on this reality during your meditation and you will receive energy from all of this sources and become strong.
The microcosm becomes the macrocosm, you microcosm becomes the same as the universe, macrocosm .
Boom. So there are my five words this week: Apa, Tejo, Bayu, Akasa and Pritiwi..I hope I'm pronouncing them correctly...


I'm actually having an awful flight, and I'm usually a good flyer, (Miss I don't mind traveling 30 hours I'll be fine, all of a sudden has a head ache is cramped, light headed and can't wait to get away from this over sized teenager who is eating Cheetos and playing his DS while elbowing and kicking me every minute. ) Lizs peaceful words and exciting and tempting Bali love story is the only thing getting me through. What will power she had in her year of celibacy is all crashing down here. She starts to loose her drive of solitude due to a older, well traveled man from Portugal and begins to fall in love. And then as I'm finishing the book on the plane to Florida I read about the celebration of Lizs birthday, July 18th .
Oh I love coincidences. Haha!
See you soon FL :) ??

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