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My time spent in Sanur became a bit less lonesome and disciplined and a bit more social. But It was all worth it. Big Pinapple backpackers was a great place to stay and make connections with friends from all over the world. We had some rainy mornings by the pool, then afternoon hut yoga, walks along the beach with the most beautiful funky boats, ended with drinks with everyone from the hostel. The woman who was running it was very nice and her little girl was just the cutest thing and such a joy to be around.
Kelsey and I took a day trip to an elephant tour which at first I was a bit iffy about because it costs 60$ and seemed quite touristy. But I was pleasantly surprised the whole day.
We were picked up in our own private van with AC and drove about an hour past beautiful rice paddies to the place. I was greeted by a fresh iced ginger tea and then we played with the elephants. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it because elephants don't belong in Bali. They're shipped in from another island and are a tourist attraction . But it seemed like they were pretty nice to the elephants and I bought the youngest baby elephant Delah who is 13 years old a fruit basket to feed her. Afterwards Kelsey played with a honey bear and we got a free tour of a chocolate factory on site and some chocolate samples! Then we got our lunch that was included with a drink, appetizer, main course and dessert ?. Not my usual lunch. After some beautiful jungle pics we started our journey back and our driver told us that with our 60$ was also included a free tour of the tea and bali coffee plantation .
Here is the explanation of my Instagram saying 'cat poop coffee' for anyone who has been waiting for it ;
In bali they are infamous for something tourists call Cat Poop Coffee. Which is made when an animal that looks kind of like a cat or possum called a Luwak, is used in the making of the coffee bean to make it have less caffeine and taste better but be just as strong. I said I would never be interested in trying it at all. But there we were at the plantation seeing the process. So what happens is when the coffee bean plant is ripe, it is fed to a Luwak, some kind of process within the stomach of the animal changes the chemical composition of the bean over night. When the Luwak poops the bean comes out whole and still in a shelling. Someone gets the glorious job of collecting these droppings and separating the beans and then taking them out of the shells. The beans are then boiled in very very hot water and then roasted. They let us watch the whole process and even help to roast. Then they are ground up and boom, cat poop coffee. The plantation was beautiful and you could also taste and smell all the fresh plants made to make the tea from mangosteen, tumeric, ginger, mint, so many healthy lovely plants.
It is said that the Luwak Coffee is very expensive in other places especially if sold in the US. So me and Kelsey shelled up an extra 3$ and split a cup. And included for free with our tour was about 10 of the best tea samples I've ever tasted and 10 coffee ones as well as a giant plate of chocolate and two shots of Arak.
Side note; Bintang is basically all we drink here because wine and liquor is very expensive. But there is one local Balinese liquor I have had a few times Arak that is quite cheap. If you look it up online it says the alcohol content is from 25-75% and my friend Matt told me they say people have gone blind from it. So it's a bit shady. The guys at the plantation explained to me that if it is made from the rice it is 25% and that is the one he gave us.
Talk about a glutinous day... Got back to our place in Sanur and enjoyed some drinks with a big group from our hostel and you can see why I had my first Bali Belly experience after this combination of things. But how can you say no to a party with friends from 9 different country's or a free plate of organic chocolate made on sight the day before Valentine's day?
I know I was asking for it. That night from 4 am all the way to 4 the next day I didn't eat a thing and felt so sick. But all things must pass, and it did.
As the girls head to their yoga retreat I thought I'd take the opportunity to head down the Bukit PEnninsula to check out the famous surf breaks before meeting back up
With them for the Gilly Islands and then AUSTRALIA!! To escape our eventual visa arrest from Bali. Found a great price for a round trip to Perth and if anyone has any suggestions or info on that area please send me a Facebook message!
My friend Trey from Hawaii is also headed down to the Bukit as well to surf so we picked up a board from his friend down the coast we go!
I hear it's quite cold at home. Sending warmth and love ! Xo

Sanurs word; Fun or Friendly.
Baha Indonesia word of the day ; Apa Kebar - How are you?













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