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"It feels good to be lost in the right direction."

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Well Hello Internet Humans.

I have always had the thought of starting a blog in the back of my mind. But thought that my travels weren’t ‘cool’ enough or my information wasn’t 'wise' enough. Today I have decided to start this not for others, but for me.
In the past two years I have traveled quite a bit.
North Carolina, Puerto Rico, The Poconos and Vermont numerous times to various mountains, Many towns in Florida, Chicago, helped out on a farm in IL and of course many nights spent in the cities of Philadelphia and NYC, as any Jersey Girl experiences at the drop of a 10$ bus fare.
I drove up and back the coast of California twice. Starting from shooting guns in the highest point in Mexico and getting stopped by border patrol, through San Diego which now feels like a home away from home, visited LA, Rolled around the rose gardens in the Santa Barbara Mission, Hiked through Big Sur, Muir Woods, San Francisco, and worked on a farm all the way up in Point Arena.

And I’ve collected many friends all along the way.
travelerspoint map 2013-2014

travelerspoint map 2013-2014

I made this map on Travelerspoint of my 2013-2014 adventures. To many, this may seem like amateur traveling, but for me it has been a blast. So I’ve decided that I do deserve a travel blog damn it! And Although I always keep travel journals and post on Instagram and Bookface. This blog will be a special way for me to look back on it all.

If anyone is reading this, I hope you enjoy it, but please do not judge or expect it to be as interesting as half the blogs on here. Mostly it will include my quirky ramblings and be extremely grammatically incorrect as I am much more of a speaker than a writer and probably never handed in a college paper without Nellie, Ashley or Kasey proof reading it . My intentions for this blog are to keep it for me to look back on and for my family to read while I am abroad if they wish.

For the next week I will be in New Jersey I will try to blog every few days and probably talk about teaching yoga and how cold it is here. In 6 days will start my expedition to Florida beginning with my family and then traveling around the sunshine state with a friend. Then Traveling to Bali for an Acro Yoga Teacher Training. If you told me any of this three years ago I would laugh in your face. If you told me a year ago about my plans for this spring 2015 my eyes would sparkle with happiness. So while most of my friends will be graduating from college or grad school this spring, I will be backpacking and surfing around Florida and Indonesia with no real plan. Many people from my town may say I need bit more direction. That I am lost and not quite living life correctly. That I need to finish school, find a job that supports me, get married, have children and be the President of some company by 30. But I believe life does not have to be this timeline of milestones, life is about enjoying it. I believe in taking my time, in finding out what really inspires me instead of rushing into a certain career, and that I can always backtrack. Maybe taking an AcroYoga training is a frivolous plan, but it is what the universe manifested for me this year. I may be lost, that is for sure, but I am very certain that I am traveling the right path for me and I am happy a good amount of the time.

I am not yet sure how private or public I will keep this blog. In fact I am feeling a bit lost with the entire blog thing. But I am happy to be starting it.

As my favorite Quote says; It feels good to be lost in the right direction.

(can you add emojis on this blog?? **Insert three sparkle emoji here**)

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